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The Dunehaven Council

Discover the Wonderful
World of Dunehaven

Four times a year, the animal residents of Dunehaven gather together to introduce themselves to any new members, talk about their community, and share stories and concerns. It’s called The Dunehaven Council.

The animals meet two curious young humans who can communicate with the Council and help find solutions. Come join the Council and learn how animals and people can work together in this wondrous place.

Every page reveals the amazing wildlife,

surprising facts, magical sounds, and

fantastic colors that make up Dunehaven.

In The Dunehaven Council, author and artist Patty Ritchie creates inspiring illustrations of animals, woods, and lake shores, and provides readers with a unique “Art Walk” through the book. 

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Available in Hardcover, Paperback, & Kindle

The Dunehaven Council features beautiful artwork by the author, Patty Ritchie.

Click below to learn more about the artwork and to purchase prints.

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The Dunehaven Council

Be a Part of the Wonderful
World of

In this Journal, you’ll learn all about ecology, animals, and plants, and how they interact in the environment.


You’ll find prompts for

Writing, Art, Music, Drama,

Activities, Events, and Vocabulary

This Dunehaven Council Journal makes a perfect companion to The Dunehaven CouncilThis personalized journal will help readers expand their thinking, explore possibilities, create plans, imagine the future, and discover their potential to make a difference.

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